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Connecting an APG Cash Drawer to a 24V receipt printer

Most receipt printers on the point of sale market have drawer kick ports that send a 24VDC signal to open the cash drawer. It is important to note that not all printer manufacturer’s drawer kick ports are pinned alike. This means there are many different cables that could possibly be used for your setup. The information below can be used to try and determine the right cable for many commonly used printers. You can also view this video, to assist you with the cash drawer to receipt printer connection.

What Cash Drawer Do I Have?

Getting the right cable starts with making sure you have the right cash drawer. The cash drawer being used must have our “320” MultiPRO® Interface in it to work with 24V receipt printers. See the examples below:







If you don’t know your part number, see the videos on this page.

What Cable Do I Need?

The table below includes some of the most common printers and printer manufacturers. Find the printer you are using below and follow the chart to the “APG Cable Needed” column to see which cable you will need.

Printer Manufacturer Printer Model/Series APG Cable Needed Link to our online store
Epson TM Series CD-101A order now
Star SP and TSP Series CD-101A order now
TPG “A” Series CD-102A order now
Citizen CT and CTS Series CD-101A order now

See the complete list of printers and cables on our Connectivity Guide.

If you have additional questions about this please call us at +1 763-571-5000 or send an email to and Please include your cash drawer part number, printer brand and series when sending an email.

See the complete list of printers and cables on our Connectivity Guide.