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We value the feedback of our customers on our products, services or support. Some of the comments provided can be found below.

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" Very reliable, easy to set up "

—Frieder Frotscher, Traditional German Food, LLC (Series 100 Cash Drawer)

" The APG cash drawer we use has no returns at all - an excellent product! "

—Var comment from BSM’s 2009 Best Channel Product (APG JB320-BL1816-C)

" One word: reliable. Years and years of use and abuse without failure. When I have needed support, APG was great. "

—Var comment from BSM’s 2009 Best Channel Vendor.

" APG sells consistently reliable products and stands behind them with great support. "

—Var comment from BSM’s 2010 Best Channel Vendors.

" Like a tank! The APG cash drawer is the most reliable cash drawer we have ever used. We have tried many of the competitors over the years, but this product holds up the best. "

—Var comment from BSM’s 2010 Best Channel Product (APG JB320-BL1816-C)

" I have had problem free APG drawers for the last two years. When it came time for us to create an additional POS station, I used components that had been purchased by my predecessor, including a generic, unlabeled cash drawer. I could not get it to work, but my new APG drawer worked right out of the box. Solid! "

—Josh Giblin, Sciencenter

" The person I spoke to at APG was very helpful with helping me figure out the right cash drawer for my situation, as well as information regarding the printer set up. "

—Julianne Cody, Dragon*Con


—Joseph Uy, Golden Coin Food Industries Corporation

" Thank you Mark and APG Team! I love APG. "

—Jason Cowan, Cowans Restaurant Solution