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The Architect

Integrated POS Cable Management Solution

The Architect™ is the dynamic routing solution that will take your checkout experience to the next level. Exclusively built for the Minota cash drawer and designed to ensure a positive customer experience and business efficiency, the Architect™ was created with flexibility in mind configurable to a set-up that best suits your unique needs.

Take Your POS Space To The Next Level

Diminish visible clutter

Maximize counter space

Configure to a unique set-up

Messy Retail Counters Chase
Away Customers

With retail counters being an epicenter to clutter and disorder, it can make a lasting negative impression on your customers and your bottom line. In fact, over 60% of shoppers have “walked out of a store because of its physical appearance or disorganization.”
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The Architect™, an all-in-one point of sale cable management solution

Your POS environment requires a specific arrangement. Whether you need optional stands for payment terminals, scanners, monitors, or a variety of other accessories, the Architect™ can deliver.

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