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Let’s talk distribution! As a distributor, what do you look for in a supplier? What does APG have to offer you as a partner? As a trusted manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in providing cash drawer and cash management solutions to various environments, meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations is our number one priority. In terms of product, we ship 5 million drawers annually, support 11 locations globally, ship to 70 countries worldwide, maintain a 99% shipment accuracy, and employ a flexible manufacturing strategy for quick response and short lead times. We are flexible to meet individual customer needs and provide products such as demos, pilots, proof of concepts, and training. We also have technical support teams available to answer any questions about the functions of our products. As a distribution partner of APG, you will have access to a wide range of sales, marketing, and training support tools. We can tailor specific marketing strategies and programs for your business model, including digital collateral, trade shows, co-branded events, webinars, and round tables. You can feel confident in selecting an established brand partner that offers more than just the product but also the service and support that goes with it.

The association’s vision is to be our industry’s indispensable resource. And the mission is to accelerate the success of our members by providing knowledge and connections. Our view here at APG is that the association does an outstanding job of that. But I think about the wisdom that we’ve gained as a company to understand where the market’s headed and how we might leverage some of those ideas to help us be a better company has been invaluable, and to help us understand how we can earn the privilege of being our customers’ best and preferred source for the things that we do. RetailNOW specifically gives the channel and its various participants an ability to get together on an annual basis, discuss the events, discuss the issues that are going on and challenging the market, and hopefully come out on the other end with some viable solutions. If you want to know what’s going on in the industry, if you want to connect with some of the smartest and best people in the industry, getting involved with the association, with the board, with the committees is really a valuable thing to do. I think the point-of-sale industry right now is being challenged with channel sustainability. RetailNOW, specifically in the RSPA as an overall organization, is a vehicle in which we have access to the industry-leading resellers, software, and hardware providers address the needs of this community. On a personal level, I’ve met a lot of amazing people, I’ve made some great friends, and had some fun too. I think the RSPA’s events are the place to be in the industry, and you should be there too.

This video shows a truck rolling over our heavy-duty tills. Watch this video to see the durability of our products. Tested to Last: Heavy Duty Cash Drawers APG Cash Drawer’s products are designed to be the most durable and dependable available on the market. Heavy Duty Products are tested to last beyond 4 million operations, and Standard Duty Products are tested to last beyond 1 million operations. Every design and design change is tested to the appropriate standard, and our in-house testing is verified by an independent testing facility.

Wondering how to open your Vasario cash drawer without key? If you cannot wait for replacement keys and you are unable to open the drawer electronically. Watch these 2 procedures to access your till and currency. Choose your method depending upon your drawers lock position. You will need a good size Phillips screw driver. You should feel comfortable following the process. Use this method when your drawer is locked and you must access your till and currency. If you are using a cable disconnect it. Flip the cash drawer over and locate the 6 screws you must remove. Unscrew only these specific 6 screws from the cash drawer base and remove. Do not remove any other screws. Please be careful removing the base, the edges are raw metal and are sharp. To reassemble the drawer, open the drawer by releasing the latch. Remove the inner drawer. Insert this end with knobs first. Place the base back on the drawer and re-insert the 6 screws. Flip the drawer and re-insert the inner drawer and till. Use this method when your drawer is unlocked and you must access your till and currency. Slide the rear of the drawer off the counter two or three inches (without tipping it over) just far enough so you can see the three screws along the back edge. Separate the base from the case by removing just the three screws along the back edge. Please be careful creating a gap, as the edges may be sharp. Lift the case or base slightly to create a gap. Look in to the gap and find the latch arm, release the latch by pressing it to the side. The inner drawer will release open. Close the gap and screw the 3 screws back into place. If you have more questions, please call 763-571-5000

This video discuss cash loss in the hospitality sector and how the SMARTtill Cash Management Solution can help remedy up to 90% of those losses.

Fact: Cash makes up 30-45% of all global transactions. What are your goals and challenges at the point of sale? Issues managing cash? Issues with cash shrinkage? Issues with wasted employee labor hours? Setbacks from rising labor rates, finding qualified labor, and managing operational costs? The minutes and hours spent physically counting and moving cash is inefficient. This creates bottlenecks at the POS which affects customer service, causes walk-outs and hurts your bottom line. Across the retail spectrum, from grocery to quick-serve restaurants, to gas stations and convenience stores, cash loss is a concern. At the end of the day, more often than not, the till count rarely matches the expected revenue. With multiple cashiers using the same Point of Sale, it can be impossible to identify the cause of the problem, whether it’s genuine cashier or theft. Not all discrepancies are alike and not all thieves wear masks. But what if you had the data necessary to give you full cash visibility at the POS? What if you could account for all the cash in your store from the time of tender to the time credit is made to the bank? At APG Cash Drawer, we have a solution for you. Introducing The SMARTtill® Cash Management Solution. It’s a revolution in cash management that enables retailers to eradicate cash loss, reduce the cost of laborious cash handling, and improve in-store customer service. The SMARTtill® Solution captures all cash activity and denominations at its location in real-time, all without interrupting the customer transaction. This information is sent to the back office, allowing managers to get real-time cash on hand information and full cash visibility at the POS. It can be viewed anywhere from tablets and mobile devices. At the lane, store level, regional level, and at Headquarters or Enterprise levels. No one has time to sift through hours and hours of surveillance footage. And now you don’t have to. Receive instant alerts when a discrepancy occurs. The SMARTtill® Cash Management Solution can be your personal theft deterrent, providing viable data to act on. Know how much is in your tills at all times. Put dead cash back to work and invest where you see fit. The SMARTtill® Solution will provide you with the data necessary to make quick, accurate decisions for your business which will greatly benefit your bottom line. At APG Cash Drawer, we understand your cash management challenges and with the SMARTtill® Solution, your employees and management will be rewarded with peace of mind, prodigious labor cost savings, and more time to enjoy life. The SMARTtill® Solution: Simplified Cash Handling Download the SMARTtill® Solution eBook here:…

Picture this: A supervisor, maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s someone you’ve hired. They’re doing their daily cash drawer spot checks, walking up and down checkout lanes, maybe over a dozen. Is a top-off needed for various denominations? Which ones? Is there too much cash in the till and a pull is needed? How much? Does the till count even align with the expected revenue? There’s one simple answer: The SMARTtill® Solution by APG Cash Drawer. Working hard is all about time efficiency. And in a world where time is money, you can save both with the SMARTtill® Cash Management Solution. No time is wasted interrogating each and every register to determine what needs to be done. The system keeps real-time cash counts, down to the number of bills and coins of each denomination in each cash drawer and provides an audit trail to the cash office. It also alerts managers to when and which drawers need a cash pull or top off. Running a retail enterprise is one of the most demanding business challenges an individual can take on. Add to it the costs of rising labor rates and the difficulty of finding qualified store associates. The time spent physically counting cash is also inefficient and affects customer service and your bottom line. Successful retailers know that rigorous cash management and discipline drive operational efficiencies that help fuel profitability. But why not let the SMARTtill® Solution do the driving for you? Imagine if you could redeploy saved employee labor hours, focusing on your store presentation and attentiveness to customer service. The process is quicker, requiring far fewer interruptions in checkout service, making for an enhanced customer experience. Can you picture it? We can.

Let’s talk about data. Our lives revolve around it. Data builds cars. Data develops medicine. Data sends people into space. Data also helps retailers make merchandising and scheduling decisions. And now thanks to APG Cash Drawer, data can help you manage your cash with the SMARTtill® Solution. The system keeps real-time cash counts, down to the number of bills and coins of each denomination in each cash drawer and provides an audit trail to the cash office. And it does it with data. Plain and simple, The SMARTtill® Cash Management Solution is a data powerhouse. The data can be populated into any suitable back office analytics software and can be used to support intelligent cash management, enabling real-time cash visibility at the POS. This allows corporate management to make quick, accurate decisions based on real-time data. When integrated with the retailer’s headquarters cash management or loss prevention systems, the data stream supplies retailers with additional business intelligence including manager security alerts, cash transaction errors, cash lifts, float top-ups, instant cashier assessment, and cash drawer performance analytics to identify training opportunities. Not all cashiers are created equal and we get that. That’s why the SMARTtill® Solution is the… well, solution. When coupled with predictive analytics, the SMARTtill® Technology enables retailers to work with optimum float during peak times and special promotions. Retailers can utilize the cash data gathered over time, delivering seamless customer service. Further efficiencies are achieved by looking at the overall profile of the best and worst-performing stores or lanes. Use the data for your needs, driving cost reduction and enabling the visibility that you require. Our lives revolve around data. Why should your cash management be any different? Discover the potential of data with the SMARTtill® Cash Management Solution.

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