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E3600 Flip Top

E3600 Flip Top
  • E3600 Flip Top
  • E3600 Flip Top
  • E3600 Flip Top
  • E3600 Flip Top


The E3600 Flip-Top design has been vigorously tested to endure more than two million operations, ensuring it will perform flawlessly for the life of the POS system. This flip-top cash drawer may be integrated into traditional, self-check and mobile check stands.

The narrow depth of the cash drawer provides easy access to the coin and vertical bill storage whether the clerk is seated or standing at the point of sale. It saves space, decreases transaction times and improves service.

A centrally located release mechanism allows the lid to be latched securely without slamming. The E3600 Flip-Top Cash Drawer significantly reduces twisting and bending to access the drawer so that the cashier does not need to turn away from the customer.


– Consistent opening beyond 80o, providing full access to the till for the life of the drawer

– Robust latch withstands slamming and closes even with a light touch

– Single media slot offers additional under till storage

– Includes adjustable 4-6 bill, 8 coin till with locking cover

– Random keying from 4 lock codes is standard

– Four function lock

– Closed and latched drawer status switch

– Tested to last beyond two million operations

– Three year warranty (view our full warranty statement here)


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